New Report: 2016 Deadliest Year in Decade

Another report has come out just in time for April’s National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and it is concerning both government and law enforcement officials. As we reported last fall, traffic fatalities have been steadily climbing for the past 2 years.

We are still waiting on the official numbers from 2016, but early reports are estimating that we could see the highest increase of traffic fatalities in 9 years. The National Safety Council (NSC) put out a statement regarding the increase:

For the first time in nearly a decade, preliminary data from the National Safety Council estimates that as many as 40,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2016. That marks a 6% increase over 2015 and a 14% increase over 2014 – the most dramatic two-year escalation in 53 years.”

Over 3,400 deaths in 2015 were from distracted driving alone, making it a significant problem. With added smart features in our vehicles, smart phones always close by and other gadgets creeping into our driving experiences, lawmakers are concerned this number will continue to climb.

NSC put out a helpful short video for their #FatalFacts campaign as a reminder that these deaths are “100% preventable”:

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