Automated Speed Enforcement Solutions

According to the US Department of Transportation, a total of 35,092 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2015. This is especially tragic in school and work zones where a just a few MPH over the speed limit can make a huge difference between life and death:

If you hit a pedestrian at 20 mph, there is a 95% chance they will survive. If you hit a pedestrian at 40 mph, there is only a 20% chance they will survive.

Optotraffic offers several speed enforcement solutions including handheld, portable and fixed with customizable features for each client and deployment location.

optotraffic solutions dragon cam


The DragonCam™ system, manufactured by DragonEye Technology, is a hand held, full-featured, laser-based digital imaging enforcement system capable of capturing high-resolution images and videos of vehicles violating preset speed limits.


  • Includes DragonEye’s IACP certified LiDAR technology with rugged tablet computer
  • Compact system allows for handheld, tripod or in vehicle use
  • Wireless, encrypted violation uploads to our secure server after enforcement ends

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The SilverHawk™ features our patented “Above the Road” (ATR) LiDAR-based speed sensors and is used to enforce in locations with multi-lane, uni or bi-directional traffic with chronic speeding challenges. SilverHawk™ is available in both fixed pole and portable trailer deployment configurations

SilverHawk Speed Enforcement System


  • Enforcement equipment is encased in a powder-coated aluminum housing cabinet
  • Attaches to pole/mast by simple “candy-cane” bracket enabling deployment within 24 hrs
  • Reliable enforcement equipment is accurate within +1/-1 MPH NHTSA Standard

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Oscar LIDAR-based speed enforcement


The Oscar™ is a compact, portable pad-mounted LiDAR-based speed enforcement system for multi-lane enforcement of low traffic volume locations where system footprint or aesthetic concerns exist.


  • Internal battery & wireless connectivity enables complete portability
  • Small footprint is about the size of a USPS collection box
  • Captures both still & video images of violations

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