Innovative Traffic Safety Enforcement Services

As an industry leader in traffic safety enforcement solutions – Optotraffic designs, builds and services cutting edge technologies for state and local agencies seeking violator funded public safety programs. With our comprehensive suite of back office support services, we work hand-in-hand with local government officials to increase public safety in communities throughout the U.S.



Dayton Case Study

City Uses Automated Enforcement to Reduce Speeding-Related Crashes

The City of Dayton was looking for a way to reduce speeding where traditional enforcement methods had failed to deter dangerous driving.



  • Optotraffic has been very supportive in our goal to reduce traffic crashes within the City of Dayton. I highly recommend Optotraffic’s services to any Government that has a need for their technology.

    Chief Richard S. Biehl
    City of Dayton Police Department
  • Optotraffic was able to work with our jurisdiction effectively and in a timely manner; our non-invasive red light system does not require SHA approval, making implementation quick and easy. Optotraffic is very responsive to our needs, solves problems quickly, while also being very supportive to our community at town events.

    Chief Steve Walker
    Town of Edmonston Police Department
  • Optotraffic has worked with our department to reduce the speeding problems in school zones where traditional enforcement methods were nearly impossible to utilize. With the Optotraffic system, speeding in these locations has been significantly reduced.

    Captain Patrick Timmons
    Riverdale Park Police Department
  • To this day, we continue to have a strong impact on the safety of students, pedestrians, and drivers in the cities’ school zones, evidenced by the significant, documented reductions in speed at the locations of our speed cameras.

    Colonel David G. Rice, Chief of Police
    City of New Carrollton Police Department
  • Optotraffic was able to work with our jurisdiction effectively and in a timely manner, as well as being very responsive to our needs, problem solving quickly, while also being very supportive.

    Chief Carl S. Dorsey
    Greenwich Police Department
  • Optotraffic has been very receptive to our needs and as the technology improves, has replaced our equipment with state-of-the-art handheld units.

    Deputy Chief Mark Davis
    Village of Cuyahoga Heights Police Department
  • Optotraffic has been with us every step of the way on the implementation of this program from training our personnel in how to use the whole system to personally coming out to help with our first hearings.

    Lieutenant William Ross
    City of Youngstown Police Department
  • Optotraffic staff have been essential in the implementation and operation of our automated speed enforcement program, 24/7 enforcement in our institution of higher education zone, and safe pedestrian zone enforcement.

    Robert W. Ryan, Director of Public Services
    City of College Park
  • From the inception of the Prince George’s County Automated Speed Enforcement Program, I have found this company and their employees to provide a progressive solution for our automated enforcement.

    Major Robert Liberati, Commander, Automated Enforcement and Crime Scene Investigations
    Prince George’s County Police Department