5 Reasons to Stop on Red

stop on red 2017
Each year, the National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) dedicates a week to raising awareness of the dangers of red-light running. In honor of Stop on Red Week 2017, here are our top 5 reasons why you should always stop on red: 

1. Nearly 3.8 million drivers ran red lights in 2016 and 1 in 3 know someone who has been injured or killed in red-light running crashes.

2. On average, 3 children under 12 are killed in traffic crashes every day. The leading cause of death for U.S. teens is motor vehicle crashes.

3. Over half the deaths in red-light running crashes are pedestrians, bicyclists and occupants of other vehicles.

4. In 2016, almost 93% of drivers said it was unacceptable to go through red lights, yet 36% admitted doing so in the past 30 days.

5. In 2015, 771 people were killed and an estimated 137,000 were injured in crashes involved in red-light running.

Source: National Coalition for Safer Roads

Drivers choosing to run red lights to save a few minutes on their commute are risking not just their lives, but the lives of every driver, pedestrian, bicyclist and roadside worker in the immediate area.

Optotraffic is committed to increasing safety on our roads and will continue to work with law enforcement to reduce red-light running accidents through our innovative traffic enforcement solutions. If you are interested in starting an enforcement program in your community or would like more information on any of our traffic safety programs, please contact us today.