We Are Optotraffic

At Optotraffic, we make our roads and communities safer for everyone. Founded in 2005 as a division of an aerospace engineering company, Optotraffic first deployed automated red light enforcement systems and in 2009, began to transform automated speed enforcement with our patented “Above the Road” (ATR) LiDAR systems.

Today, we continue to improve public safety with our growing suite of photo enforcement solutions – all paid for by the violators themselves, not the taxpayers. State and local governments appreciate the violator-funded revenue each program generates and simultaneously, the reduction in the need to increase taxes or borrow funds to continue to provide the level of services citizens demand.

Mission and Values

If our mission to improve public safety is the “why”, then our values are the “how.” We excel at solving client problems by leveraging our aerospace heritage DNA. Give us a challenge and a timeframe and we’ll deliver a solution for you. Perfection is our goal and we strive every day to ensure our clients’ programs operate with the highest possible integrity.

If saving lives, reducing injuries and minimizing property damage was easy, everyone would do it.

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Vendor Partners

Optotraffic is proud to work with the following companies:

Intellectual Property

Many proprietary features of Optotraffic’s products, processes and services claim benefits of intellectual property protection from the US Patents Nos: 7,323,987; 7,495,579; 7,616,293; 8,310,377; 8,629,786; 8,760,318; 9,984,566.

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