Another State Trooper Hit While Monitoring Traffic

troopercrashAnother Maryland State Trooper was hit last month while monitoring traffic from the median, making it the 15th incident of 2016, so far. Washington DC’s NBC 4 reported that Maryland Trooper Dennis Moguche was monitoring traffic when he was struck on November 20th. Luckily he was treated for injuries and released, but the incident continues to highlight the need to enforce Slow Down Move Over laws.

Occupational injury and fatality rates are more than 2x the national average for emergency responders than workers of all other industries.  All 50 states have Slow Down Move Over laws, with 49 specifically including tow trucks and/or emergency roadside assistance workers.

Optotraffic continues to work with law enforcement to help reduce these incidents on our roads and increase awareness. In response to the growing number of officers and roadside workers being hit, we developed an integrated video-based enforcement system called PatrolSafe™.

PatrolSafe is a video and radar detection system capable of capturing high resolution video of vehicles violating the law, which is seamlessly installed into existing police vehicles. During a traffic stop, once emergency equipment has been activated, PatrolSafe records front and rear views, enabling complete violation capture and replay. Violations are encrypted and wirelessly sent to our secure server where they are processed with the same comprehensive suite of back office support services that we offer with all our traffic enforcement systems.

Police, emergency & first responders risk their lives every day on our roads.  With PatrolSafe, we can work with local jurisdictions to promote awareness of Slow Down Move Over laws to increase worker safety and save lives.

If you are interested in starting a PatroSafe enforcement program in your community or would like more information on automated enforcement, please contact us today.