City Uses Automated Enforcement to Reduce Speeding-Related Crashes

dayton case study

The City of Dayton was looking for a way to reduce speeding where traditional enforcement methods had failed to deter dangerous driving. One location in particular, James H. McGee Boulevard, with a posted speed of 40 mph, had a substantial speeding problem, including even several incidents of vehicles fleeing from officers trying to enforce speeding in the area. The City also had to quickly respond to two speed-related fatal crashes within a week of each other on Riverside Drive. The situation had become hazardous enough to where both citizens and officers voiced their complaints about the speeding problem. Continuing with the traditional enforcement methods was not an option.

After providing the City with several DragonCam™ handheld speed enforcement devices, by DragonEye Technology, LLC, as well as portable Skyhawk™ and fixed Silverhawk™ above-the-road speed enforcement units, the City saw a significant reduction in both speeding and fatal crashes throughout Dayton

Optotraffic has been very supportive in our goal to reduce traffic crashes within the City of Dayton. I highly recommend Optotraffic’s services to any Government that has a need for their technology.

Chief Richard S. Biehl

Director and Chief of Police
Dayton Police Department