Introducing Sentinel: New Truck Height Enforcement Solution

sentinel truck height enforcementOptotraffic is happy to introduce Sentinel™, our newest automated enforcement system solution that utilizes our patented LiDAR-based technology to ensure that commercial vehicle traffic complies with local ordinances prohibiting or restricting truck use of certain roadways.


  • Uses Optotraffic’s patented LiDAR “Above the Road” (ATR) height sensor, which can be adjusted to your specific height restrictions
  • Lane specific height violations include date, time and location
  • Provides approaching and receding video clip enabling complete capture and replay
  • Can detect front/rear plates, DOT registrations and other Owner/Operator information

And just like with our other traffic enforcement systems, the Sentinel™ comes with the complete range of Optotraffic back-office support services to assist our clients. Our services range from citation processing and call center representatives, to site evaluation, set up and training. We also provide hearing and adjudication support, as well as public awareness and education.
Contact us today for more information on the Sentinel™ or any of our traffic enforcement solutions.