Introducing the Next Generation in Parking Enforcement

Optotraffic, LLC, offers a new hand-held parking enforcement system Hawkeye™, providing clients with an easy-to-use, GPS-based enforcement solution that captures and uploads parking violations in real-time. The lightweight, compact system provides complete portability enabling your officers to capture and print parking violations faster than ever before.

optotraffic parking solutions optoparkKey Features

  • Violations can be printed before final photo is taken, ensuring the most accurate documentation and confirmation of each violation as it occurs
  • Real-time transmission of violations & full-color images to our secure server allows violators to view & pay tickets online within minutes of capture
  • System is user friendly & can be completely customized to specific parking enforcement needs

And just like with our other traffic enforcement systems, the Hawkeye™ comes with the complete range of Optotraffic back-office support services to assist our clients. Our services range from citation processing and call center representatives, to site evaluation, set up and training. We also provide hearing planning and adjudication support, as well as public awareness and education.

Contact us today for more information on Hawkeye™ or any of our traffic enforcement solutions.