Optotraffic Courts Riverhead NY

Optotraffic recently had an opportunity to present our parking enforcement solution, Hawkeye™ to the Town of Riverhead’s Parking District advisory committee and we are honored that they are considering adding our traffic and parking enforcement solutions.

After dealing with various parking issues, the Town is looking for an improved parking enforcement process to “eliminate parking violations downtown, such as people parking in handicapped zones or exceeding parking limits,” the local Riverhead News-Review reports.

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With Hawkeye, the parking enforcement officer enters in a few fields into the mobile device, snaps a shot of the violation and has the option to print the citation with the accompanying Bluetooth® printer before the last photo is taken, ensuring the most accurate documentation of each violation as it occurs.

Not only is Hawkeye faster than the traditional written tickets that the Town currently uses, but it also can save the officers from possible confrontations and other headaches that may arise out in the field.

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Having mobile technology to document these parking violations, it helps reduce the usual repudiations that can possibly occur with parking enforcement. Violators will be able to view and pay their parking citations online within minutes of capture as citations are securely transmitted in real-time.

As with all our innovative enforcement solutions, the Town of Riverhead will be able to receive the same comprehensive level of back-office support & services from Optotraffic that we give all our clients.

If you are interested in switching to state-of-the-art hand held parking enforcement in your community or would like more information on Hawkeye™, or any of our traffic safety solutions, please contact us today.