Optotraffic Welcomes Capitol Heights

Capitol Heights Police Department

Optotraffic is pleased to announce that the Town of Capitol Heights, Maryland, has chosen us as their newest partner in traffic safety. We are providing Capitol Heights Police Department with several of our pad-mounted speed enforcement solutions, as well as our complete suite of back-office services & support.

Located just outside of Washington, D.C., Capitol Heights just launched a new automated enforcement program in preparation for the upcoming school year. Drivers should be on the lookout for Optotraffic LiDAR-based speed cameras in school zones throughout the jurisdiction.

As the program grows over time, we will continue to add additional speed and red-light systems under the council’s direction. Working in partnership with the Town of Capitol Heights, we look forward to expanding into our other services to help increase traffic safety and reduce crashes.

Optotraffic is committed to increasing safety on our roads and will continue to work with law enforcement to reduce traffic accidents through our innovative traffic enforcement solutions. If you are interested in starting an enforcement program in your community or would like more information on any of our traffic safety programs, please contact us today.