Silverhawk Speed Camera IDs Suspects in Armed Robbery

Silverhawk speed enforcementOptotraffic is proud to announce that one of our Silverhawk™ automated speed enforcement systems was able to assist law enforcement in Linndale, Ohio with the capture of two suspects who committed an attempted armed robbery earlier in the week.

Local Cleveland news channel Fox 8 reported that police were called on August 7th after an attempted robbery at the local Family Dollar store. The masked suspects fled the scene and unfortunately for Linndale police, the store’s surveillance video did not get a good enough view of their faces or vehicle to make a successful identification:

linndale quote

Linndale PD caught a lucky break when the armed suspects fled towards the direction of our Silverhawk™ speed enforcement camera. Their vehicle was traveling above the enforcement limit so it triggered the speed camera, which captured a clear view of the car’s license plate.  The two suspects were apprehended shortly after, and once shown the images and video from the Silverhawk™, were much more cooperative with police.

Optotraffic is happy to work with communities to increase public safety by offering innovative photo enforcement programs for red light, speed, parking, and more.  If you are interested in starting a speed camera enforcement program in your community or would like more information on automated enforcement, please contact us today.