Slow Down Move Over

Since 1999, there have been more than 200 officers struck and killed while making traffic stops. Surprisingly, the yearly totals tragically remain in double-digits despite a national acceptance of Slow Down Move Over laws. Greater driver awareness of the laws and changing driver behavior is paramount for achieving a significant reduction in these senseless tragedies. Optotraffic introduces PatrolSafe™ – our latest traffic safety solution to assist with making traffic stops safer for our law enforcement officers.

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Patrol Safe™ is a video & radar detection system capable of capturing high resolution video of vehicles violating Slow Down, Move Over laws. Installation by certified technicians ensures seamless integration and no interference with the existing police vehicle equipment


  • Emergency equipment activates PatrolSafe™ throughout entire traffic stop
  • Provides front & rear view enabling complete violation & replay
  • Ideal for highway traffic enforcement where officer safety is always a concern

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