Our Services

For over 10 years Optotraffic has provided our clients a comprehensive suite of back office support services for all of our public safety enforcement solutions. We offer the following services:

optotraffic client training servicesCitation & Notice Processing

From initial quality control check of potential violation events, to registration tag look ups, to law enforcement officer approval, to printing and mailing of citations and notices to violators, Optotraffic’s expert staff and systems can handle any type and volume of violations with exceptional performance and reliability.

optotraffic client training servicesProgram Statistics & Reporting

It is important to have comprehensive statistics and reports to support the benefits of our traffic safety enforcement programs. Through our proprietary, web based VioView™ software suite, clients have 24/7 access to their program data. All of our enforcement systems gather event data of varying types as they are capturing potential violations (e.g. vehicle counts, lane, speed, amber time, event time, date, geo location). Program financial performance is also summarized through our report portal. We offer both a standard list of the most common reports as well as the ability for each client to create their own custom reports.

optotraffic client training servicesSystem Relocation

A key advantage for all our automated enforcement systems is their portability. Whether pole mounted, pad mounted or a freestanding trailer, any enforcement system can be moved within hours. This enables our clients to deploy fewer systems throughout a given geography and optimizes the traffic calming impact over the life of the program since drivers don’t always know where enforcement is occurring.

  • Who moves the enforcement systems?  We do.
  • Who maintains the enforcement systems?  We do.
  • Who repairs the enforcement systems?  We do.
  • Who has the final say in issuing citations?  Our clients.

optotraffic client training servicesCourt Proceedings and Adjudication Support

All of our clients depend on an accurate, complete and timely court package for each contested citation – and we deliver. From our intuitive, cloud-based court docket experience to our certified expert testimony, Optotraffic supports our clients to ensure the highest program integrity. With over 3.8 million citations issued and a court request rate of less than 2%, we are committed to providing the highest quality violations, thus minimizing the demand for court and jurisdictional resources.

optotraffic client training servicesCall Center Representatives

We understand the importance of excellent customer service. Our Customer Service Team is fully trained and understands the need for a courteous, efficient, and respectful demeanor. We offer bi-lingual (Spanish/English) support and typical hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday-Friday. All Optotraffic Customer Service Team members are thoroughly trained regarding each client’s program, enforcement equipment and business rules. Our Customer Service Team handles inquiries about the enforcement programs, payment options, and hearing requests.

optotraffic client training servicesPayment Processing & Collections

A lot of effort goes into issuing a valid citation for a traffic safety enforcement violation. As a PCI DSS Level 2 Service Provider, we offer reliable lockbox and credit card payment processing services. However, sometimes the violators ignore their lawful duty and don’t pay. In these circumstances, we offer our clients a menu of options that have successfully encouraged compliance while adhering to all applicable laws. Contact us to learn more.

optotraffic client training servicesClient Training

We work with all of our clients to ensure everyone involved is properly trained and certified. Officials from law enforcement, public works, or administrative staff are trained before the enforcement program begins. This training is refreshed throughout the life of the program. As an added service, higher-level training for law enforcement officers that complies with NHTSA standards is also available.

For more information on Optotraffic’s solutions and services, contact us.


  • Optotraffic has been very supportive in our goal to reduce traffic crashes within the City of Dayton. I highly recommend Optotraffic’s services to any Government that has a need for their technology.

    Chief Richard S. Biehl
    City of Dayton Police Department
  • Optotraffic was able to work with our jurisdiction effectively and in a timely manner; our non-invasive red light system does not require SHA approval, making implementation quick and easy. Optotraffic is very responsive to our needs, solves problems quickly, while also being very supportive to our community at town events.

    Chief Steve Walker
    Town of Edmonston Police Department
  • Optotraffic has worked with our department to reduce the speeding problems in school zones where traditional enforcement methods were nearly impossible to utilize. With the Optotraffic system, speeding in these locations has been significantly reduced.

    Captain Patrick Timmons
    Riverdale Park Police Department
  • To this day, we continue to have a strong impact on the safety of students, pedestrians, and drivers in the cities’ school zones, evidenced by the significant, documented reductions in speed at the locations of our speed cameras.

    Colonel David G. Rice, Chief of Police
    City of New Carrollton Police Department
  • Optotraffic was able to work with our jurisdiction effectively and in a timely manner, as well as being very responsive to our needs, problem solving quickly, while also being very supportive.

    Chief Carl S. Dorsey
    Greenwich Police Department
  • Optotraffic has been very receptive to our needs and as the technology improves, has replaced our equipment with state-of-the-art handheld units.

    Deputy Chief Mark Davis
    Village of Cuyahoga Heights Police Department
  • Optotraffic has been with us every step of the way on the implementation of this program from training our personnel in how to use the whole system to personally coming out to help with our first hearings.

    Lieutenant William Ross
    City of Youngstown Police Department
  • Optotraffic staff have been essential in the implementation and operation of our automated speed enforcement program, 24/7 enforcement in our institution of higher education zone, and safe pedestrian zone enforcement.

    Robert W. Ryan, Director of Public Services
    City of College Park
  • From the inception of the Prince George’s County Automated Speed Enforcement Program, I have found this company and their employees to provide a progressive solution for our automated enforcement.

    Major Robert Liberati, Commander, Automated Enforcement and Crime Scene Investigations
    Prince George’s County Police Department